Mt Elliott Makerspace Day two, Tech Shop Detroit and Haystack Fab Lab

I have to catch up with more than a week in this post because I didn’t have access to the internet for a while.

First, because it was asked for, a picture of the car that I am traveling with. :)

Last week on Thursday I visited the Mt. Elliott Makerspace for a second time to meet Jeff, who founded the Space. I was very interesting to hear about the concept, which is different from a Fab Lab in terms of the target audience and the projects that are being worked on there. Instead of high-tech machines the space focuses on teaching people how to build and repair complex systems such as computers, bikes and other electronics. Jeff is the only full-time staff, there are many volunteers from the community who help setting up classes or building up more machines e.g in the wood workshop.

In the afternoon I went to see Detroit’s Tech shop, which belongs to a chain that has the same tools as a fab lab.

The difference here is that it operates like a membership in a gym (100 $ per month) but instead of working out people work on their projects. The place made a very professional impression and the range of tools available exceeds that of a fab lab by far.

I spend four days traveling to my next destination, the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. (Two days on the road and two days weekend in Montreal, which is in the middle between Detroit and Haystack)

This is the bridge to Deer Isle, the Island that Haystack is on.


Haystack is a summer school for arts and crafts that added a Fab Lab recently to complement the more traditional crafts- classes. There are two grad students from MIT that work as instructors during the summer sessions. I could spend 3 days in the lab to see how it operates and also work on the next prototype of my wind turbine.

Haystack is located on Deer Isle, which is a pretty remote island of the coast of maine and there was no Internet connection on the whole island for a few days. Together with the rather long drive from Detroit to the east coast this is the reason for this post being so long :)

I used the Shop Bot (a large CNC-Router) to shape a better leading and trailing edge for the wings of the wind turbine.

Then I laser-cut the profile sections to form the rest of the wing.

This construction should help me to use a thin plastic foil for the wing surface instead of the rather heavy and unprecise polystyrene I used earlier.

The status quo looks surprisingly similar to this.

4 thoughts on “Mt Elliott Makerspace Day two, Tech Shop Detroit and Haystack Fab Lab

  1. Schön zu hören/lesen, dass es dir gut geht und vorankommst – go ahead!
    Eine Woche ohne Internet? Du bist schon in den USA? Unbelievable.
    Cheers Rüdiger

  2. Danke für den interessanten Bericht, auf den wir schon mit Spannung gewartet haben. Habe mir gerade die Küste von Maine auf Google Maps angesehen – ganz schön ausgefranst …
    Ja, die Ähnlichkeit ist erkennbar ;-) Herzliche Grüße Annette

  3. Hallo Wolf,
    Suse hat sich gestern fast den gesamten Blog angesehen und fand ihn sehr interessant. Sie läßt Dich herzlich grüßen.

  4. WoW ! You have been very busy ! Learning new options and seeing a bit of
    the American East, Mike said last night you are coming to visit ~~~
    Back from Eastern Canada yesterday–long journey, 3 flights -
    big Continent, as you are finding out~~~hugs, Ulla

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