Last Day in Champaign Urbana

After going shopping (and getting wet) in a big thunderstorm I went to the open session in the CUC Fab Lab for a last time. I covered the wings of the turbine skeleton with thin polystyrene sheets, build a larger support and, due to lack of real wind that evening, switched on the Fan…

And it works! Despite the blades being very far from a real profile (I lasercut a NACA 0015) the turbine spins in pretty light winds.

Putting the styrene on the outside of the lasercut profile pretty much destroys the shape of the profile and creates a horrible leading edge but it was the quickest way to get things going.

To make it work more effectively I have to change the construction of the wings to actually match the original profile shape.

Tonight I am going to Chicago for the weekend and a concert, next week I’ll be in Detroit to work on the next version…


2 thoughts on “Last Day in Champaign Urbana

  1. great job, Wolf~~~I am off to Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada tomorrow for 2 wks.-
    my friend Fred is going with me- will be in touch upon return~ Ulla

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