CUC Fab Lab August 15 and 16 – It’s spinning!

I had two really interesting Days at the Champaign Urbana Community Fab Lab. There is an open Session every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6 – 9PM where veryone can come to the Lab and work on their project.

I Didn’t get much work done on Tuesday due to al lack of the right material for my turbine (1/8 inch plywood) so I spend the Evening talking to people, looking at other projects and watching how the Lab operates during the open sessions. Everyone working at CUC Fab Lab is a volunteer and there is a very nice, very busy cooperative spirit during these sessions.

I spend wednesday morning to gather the material I needed so I could work on my second prototype all afternoon. It’s turning nicely but I have to figure out a way to vover the twisted wings with a surface which turned out to be not as easy as I imagined :p

Make sure you check out the Wind Turbine Page.

I will seek advice at the local RC shop today.

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