Pumping Station One / Second Day at MSI

On Tuesday evening I left the museum around 7 pm and Dan took me to a Hackerspace named Pumping Station One. They just moved into a bigger space and getting organized there. A hackerspace has about the same tools as a Fab Lab but it’s more community-driven / self organized.

Second Day at MSI

I had a quite productive day At the Fab Lab Yesterday. I participated in a workshop for museum guests and made a Keychain.

The workshop was very well planned, It took about 45 minutes for 10 People to design and produce their individual Keychains.

I kept my design quite close to the original Logo of a major German car brand…

After the workshop I had a very interesting Discussion about developing workshops for Fab Labs with Matt, who is the Fab Lab’s program coordinator. He also made sure I was 3D-scanned.

Instead of having me 3D-printed I printed a small model of a Vertical-Axis-Wind-Turbine that I found on Thingyverse.

I spend the rest od the afternoon building a bigger, laser-cut-model from plywood parts. The next step will be to add an axis and cover the wings to actually make it spin :)

Finally I spend a fun evening with my Couchsurfing Host Mark and his friends in the Wicker Park Neighbourhood.



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