Good Bye USA, Hello Berlin

This is the last post on my travels, I am writing it from my office in Berlin.

The journey is over, I had a wonderful 3 months in the United States that allowed me to get to know many parts of this great country and very many wonderful people.

The last Fab Labs I saw were the Maker Place in San Diego and the Transformative Learning Technologies Laboratory in Stanford.

The Maker Place is a commercial workshop with a great selection of tools. I just took a short Tour of the space on my way back to San Francisco.

A remarkable detail that I hadn’t seen before is a very well equipped sewing and embroidery studio with a variety of stitching machines (also computer controlled ones!)

There also are two heavy duty CNC mills for cutting metal and a full-blown metal workshop:

Some nice stuff that was made there:

A model submarine door.

A wooden motor bike.


From their website:

“The Transformative Learning Technologies Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary group designing and researching new technologies for education. We understand new technologies not only as a way to optimize the existing educational system, but as a transformative force that can generate radically new ways of knowing and learning.”

I was not allowed to take pictures in there but it’s pretty much a Fab Lab like the others I had been to. The unique feature is that they are focused on researching the impact of Fab Labs on the education of school children.


Now I will go through all the material I gathered and start looking for partners and funding in Berlin!

Thanks for reading and see you soon:


2 thoughts on “Good Bye USA, Hello Berlin

  1. Good to hear that you are settling in again, Wolf~~now you have to
    organize your notes, thoughts and look at the possibilites in the
    future; you are one of the few people I know, who got to know the heart land
    of America rather than just the big cities. Here all ok, exhausted from the
    election~~~~but recovering. Hugs to you and Valentinchen !!! xo Ulla

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