Lorain Wind Turbine Climb

Today I lost my “Tower Virginity”. That is a term used by wind turbine workers for the first climb on a big wind turbine tower.

The Lorain County Community College has a 2-year Associates degree in Alternate Energy with a major in wind turbines. I was lucky enough to be invited to listen to a class and join them to climb a medium-sized turbine in Cleveland!

The climb itself doesn’t take a lot of time but there can only be three persons at a time on the tower so we had to wait for some hours. But it was absolutely worth it!

Tomorrow will be my first day in the fab lab and I am looking forward to getting some work done myself!

3 thoughts on “Lorain Wind Turbine Climb

  1. WoW, Wolf, Congratulations, it is amazing to me how much you are doing, seeing and learning !!!! Hugs, Ulla
    PS: great picture of you ~~~~

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