Pyramid Art Center, Baltimore Fab Lab, MICA, Sparktruck

Yesteday I managed to squeeze 4 visits into one Day. I started in Silver Spring at the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, which is not really a Fab lab related place but has very nice Art Studios, a gallery and a great print shop.

The Baltimore Fab Lab (& Facebook Page here) is in located on the Campus of The Community College of Baltimore County.

As I had many meetings scheduled I didn’t even try to work on my Wind Turbine but I had a very good Interview with the Lab Manager.

…and on I went to Downtown Baltimore to see MICA’s prototyping workshop. (Maryland Institute College of Art)

A very lucky coincidence had it that the mobile Fab Lab “Spark Truck” of Stanford’s D-School was there to visit and had just pulled up as I arrived.

A very heavy shower of rain gave me the opportunity to get to speak to the guys who drive it for a few minutes (it was very busy when there was no rain and the truck is rather small.)

They managed to squeeze in an almost complete Lab including two Makerbots and a Laser cutter.

Check out their Map and compare it to my Itinerary! almost the same Route reversed and one of us is traveling without a Fab Lab in the trunk :)

Tomorrow I’ll Drive to Lorain, Ohio. I am very excited because the have a wind turbine Lab next to the Fab Lab(!)

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