Washington DC – McKinley Tech High School, HacDC Hackerspace

I had a nice research Day in Washington DC today. I spend some hours at the McKinley Tech High school

where I could see some Engineering and Graphic Design classes.

The students specialize in one of the four S.T.E.M. programs. These four are Biotechnology, Information Technology, Mass Media, and Engineering. It’s a public school but the students have to apply and pass tests in order to get in.

The school also works on establishing a cooperation with the local Fab Lab DC that I unfortunately couldn’t visit because it’s closed for while I am here.

After School I walked towards the Capitol and did sightseeing for a few hours. On my way I found this nice-looking animal:

And in front of the Botanical Garden I came across a (by now) very familiar type of wind turbine.

I think it is positioned in a bad spot for producing a lot of current but as the park is frequently visited by passing tourists it’s in a very good spot for promoting wind energy.

I spend two hours in a very comfortable Armchair opposite of the turbine to relax and think about the next version I am going to work on.

After another 3-Mile walk from the White House to the Columbia Heights Area I arrived at my final destination HacDC, where I spend a very nice evening in an extraordinarily friendly athmosphere discussion how to generate power from DC and stepper motors and meeting a ton of nice people.

There were a lot more people present this evening, I just got my camera out way too late.

A very nice 3D Printer, a quite new version of the RepRap Mendel

And a 3D print…

Tomorrow I am headed towards the Baltimore Fab Lab. More to come…

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