New York Hall of Science and NYC Resistor

I just arrived in Bethesda, Maryland at Kat’s and Mike’s Place.
Yesterdaywas my major research Day in New York. I went to the New York Hall of Science and to the Hackerspace NYC Resistor.
Both places were interesting to see although I didn’t get to talk much to people there because in New York people seem to be very busy all the Time.
The New York Hall of Science is going to host the World Maker Faire in the end of September. Besides their regular Science exhibits they host a Makerspace in their Building that seems to be focused on children’s education.

Unfortunately the person who is in charge of the Maker space was busy while I was there so I didn’t get much more Information than this. I will try to get some more details via email.

The NYC Resistor is a Hackerspace in Brooklyn that is open to the public on Monday and Thursday nights. For the rest of the week it is a members-only Space. It has about 45 members and most of the tools are owned by the space.

Because I was coming from the Hall of Science I didn’t bring my Wind Turbine and thus didn’t have much to Hack at the open Hack night (that’s what Thursdays are called there) So I got a short tour, some pictures and went to sleep after a long day in New York.

Please excuse the picture qualitiy, the battery of my camera died when I took a picture of the entrance to NYC Resistor…


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