AS 220 Labs Providence

I arrived in the Providence area on Sunday. Because of Labor Day Weekend I went to the AS 220 Labs on Tuesday and today is my second day here.

I tested one of the new wings for the turbine I made in Haystack before I started gluing the other two. Right now I am waiting for the glue to cure which gives me time for a small blog update.

AS 220 is a rather big space for all kinds of arts in Providence with three different buildings in the downtown area. AS 220 Industries is a part of that complex and hosts a Fab Lab, a Printmaking Workshop and a media Lab. AS 220 Labs is the Fab Lab in AS 220 Industries.

There is not too much traffic in the Lab right now so it’s very good working conditions for me as the space is very well prepared to host visiting Makers. I think the glue is dry, I have to get back to work for the next update…

2 thoughts on “AS 220 Labs Providence

  1. Wolf…nice to see you finding the labs and getting around with what appears to be little difficulty. I am jealous as I have never visited the east coast. Lots to talk about in a few weeks!

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